Thursday, February 23, 2012

Something strange in the sky

Two nights ago, my husband and I were sitting on our couch watching television.  The kids were in bed and we were enjoying some quiet.  I noticed that there was a bright flash in the sky and asked hubby if he saw it too.  He said yes he did see the flash.  I asked if he thought maybe it was lightning and he said he wasn't sure.  Neither of us thought there could be lightning in February.  We both passed it off and laughed and continued to watch our show thinking nothing of it at all.

The next morning DH's alarm goes off (it plays the radio when it goes off) and the news was on.  The announcer says that there was a bright light in the sky the previous night and that a meteor had landed somewhere in Saskatchewan.  Though sleepy,  it clicked.  DH and I had seen the flash in the sky from the meteor.  Cool!!!

It turns out that this was the brightest and biggest meteor seen in Saskatchewan in five years.  Here is a link to the CTV news story on this meteor.

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